SACBW Youth Project

Reigning Me

Last night I had the honor to attend the South African Council for Business Women PJ’s and Pillow Talk event as part of the 10 finalists in the SACBW Youth Project Competition.

As the PJ’s and Pillow Talk event was hosted in June, they thought it appropriate to host a competition for young business minded ladies as ourselves, and offer us amazing oppurtunities.


*All of those tables were filled!

We had the chance to meet and mingle with business women of all ages and ethnicities, from various businesses as well.

We had an amazing dinner and even better dessert (obviously), the arena was beautifully decorated (thanks Emnotweni Sun), and the cash bar was a bonus! (Queue tequila)


I met some fantastic young ladies; Lindelwa (Lee), a model/ / / , Nomsa, fashion designer and owner of her own business and fashion line Angelique’s, Sanel, a Financial…

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The Photography Institute


As we reach the end of our photography course, our lives feel just a tad empty (what’s next??).

We can honestly attest to The Photography Institute‘s course. The 12 module course covers all the basics and some in depth subjects as well. We honestly could not find a better course at all.

Although not needed, we now are graduated from this course and it has taught us so much. If you are an aspiring professional photographer or just a hobbiest, it is worth it. (If you wait for the 50% off promotion even more so).

E-interview with Anne-Mari

We had the pleasure of working with this up and coming artist on her album design and photo shoot, and we had so much fun – we decided to do a mini-interview with her.

1. ) You have recently released your first album, tell us some more about it.
My album has just been released and I feel so blessed and grateful to all the people who have worked so hard to make it an album that I am very proud of. There are 10 new songs on the album, all of them arranged by Jonathan Peyper who is an excellent blues singer/songwriter.
2.) Which of the songs on the album especially relates to your life?
There are actually a few songs on the album that relates to my life or certain aspects of my life: the first song would be “Special day” – in 2010 my son passed away and as most musicians, I write songs to deal with those emotions. During the emotional recovery process, I wrote this song for him to let him know that even though I can not be with him, I will always love him.
The second song would  be “Feë Verhaal”, this is a song about me as a child dreaming about my knight in shining armor, and then finding my Knight , who is now my husband, my rock, and my best friend. This song was written for him.
“Vat jou kans” is definitely the song that relates  the most to my life –  I have made so many mistakes in my life and sometimes I wonder where I would have been if I had made the right choices? But at the end…you can’t change the past, only your future, but you must be willing to take that step.
3.) If you could, who’s songs would you most like to cover, and why?
I wouldn’t really like to cover the songs of any body specific as each artist has his or her own identity. Some old time favorites are however always a crowd pleaser and therefore if I chose to do any covers, it will be something that the crowd can sing along to.
4.) Where can we be expecting to see you n the near future?
I will be performing with a live band at Tincups in Witbank (Emahlahleni) on the 4th of April. 
31 July, I will also be performing with the band at The Pub in Nelspruit.
5.) How can people contact you, or hear your work?
Please go and like my page (Anne-Mari Official), or add me on facebook (Anne-Mari Kunstenaar) or contact Michael White at 076 429 1003, to for any bookings. My album can be ordered directly from me and as of the 1st of April it will be available on iTunes.
6.) Lastly, but not least, what was your favorite aspect of working with Blue Blood Photography?
Working with BB photography was so amazing and I cannot thank Shaun and Marlee enough for everything that they have done. I came to them with an idea in my head and they created something that was even better than I could ever imagine. Being a performer, I am by no means a model and they made me feel so comfortable, I had so much fun on the day of the photo shoot.  We were working under immense pressure to get the album finished and within such a short time frame they produced excellent edited photographs for the album. I would highly recommend BB photography to assist with all your photographic needs. They are the best.

Thank you, Anne-Mari for your time and wonderful review of our part in this journey. We wish you all the best and look forward to working on many more projects with you.

Miss Teen BBP 2014

We had so much fun shooting the Miss Teen Blue Blood Photography winner at the Bubez Guesthouse in Barberton Mpumalanga.

It is such a beautiful guesthouse and an equally, if not more, beautiful young lady.

Model: Liandri Opperman

Hair: Model self

Make-up: Alicia Opperman

Outfits: Model self

Location: Bubez Guesthouse

Photographers: Shaun Vos and Marlee Steyn for Blue Blood Photography

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A Love Affair for the Ages


Recently we had the pleasure of doing a couple photo shoot with the cutest couple Ean and Kaylin! Not only did they have great personalities and innovative photo ideas, but, and this is my favorite part, they actually met at a photo shoot! The cliche’ “you could feel love in  the air” was not such a cliche’ when it comes to these two – it lifted our spirits for the rest of the day! 

In the above photo you can see the love in Kaylin’s eyes, and the way you can see Ean smiling at her, amazing! Thank you guys for a great photo shoot!


To view more photos go to

Quantity vs. Quality : Is it worth it?


I decided to write this blog post after the (certainly) 1000th time seeing “photographers” deliver really bad work! Every few weeks you see a new photography pop-up business, and I cannot help but wonder “how the hell did that happen?”, because when you browse through the newbie page, all you see is blurry photos, cats and dogs on beds, and way over exposed portraits. Do I feel sorry for the client receiving the photos? Yes, but I also cannot understand how you can be satisfied with the work, especially when I know I would’ve shoved it down a drain. And  I’m no professional photographer.

So how, do you ask, will you ever know if it is worth paying for? Easy.

  1. Is there any other platform that the photographers work is showcased on except Facebook? (See 500px, Pinterest, website, twitter?)
  2. What are the ratings and comments on the work?
  3. Is it R100 for a 4-hour shoot, or R300 for a 2-hour shoot? (This one is pretty obvious).
  4. Where did you hear of them? Was there sufficient communication between you and the photographer? (See ideas, price negotiating, what you want, what you expect, what the photographer expects?)
  5. Do you see the person in the portrait, or the wires and stop signs in the background, followed by cars, strays and palisades? (A BIG no)
  6. What experience do they have?

 How to know when NOT to book a photographer.

  1. The photos look like they were taken by your cousin, the one in preschool, on your Blackberry.
  1. All the photos seem to have the same theme, a reoccurring locations and the same model.
  1. The portraits are of the tree on your right and not the girl on the left.
  1. The studio photos are in front of a wrinkled bed sheet, with stains on it, and dusty floors.

 To summarize,  do not pay for photos that you could have your best friend take! When you’re looking for a photographer, be sure you pay for the quality of the job, do proper research and do not settle for less than you deserve! And remember, as I always say, photo shop does not a photographer make!!

Photography is a passion, not a shot-fire way to make money.