Quantity vs. Quality : Is it worth it?


I decided to write this blog post after the (certainly) 1000th time seeing “photographers” deliver really bad work! Every few weeks you see a new photography pop-up business, and I cannot help but wonder “how the hell did that happen?”, because when you browse through the newbie page, all you see is blurry photos, cats and dogs on beds, and way over exposed portraits. Do I feel sorry for the client receiving the photos? Yes, but I also cannot understand how you can be satisfied with the work, especially when I know I would’ve shoved it down a drain. And  I’m no professional photographer.

So how, do you ask, will you ever know if it is worth paying for? Easy.

  1. Is there any other platform that the photographers work is showcased on except Facebook? (See 500px, Pinterest, website, twitter?)
  2. What are the ratings and comments on the work?
  3. Is it R100 for a 4-hour shoot, or R300 for a 2-hour shoot? (This one is pretty obvious).
  4. Where did you hear of them? Was there sufficient communication between you and the photographer? (See ideas, price negotiating, what you want, what you expect, what the photographer expects?)
  5. Do you see the person in the portrait, or the wires and stop signs in the background, followed by cars, strays and palisades? (A BIG no)
  6. What experience do they have?

 How to know when NOT to book a photographer.

  1. The photos look like they were taken by your cousin, the one in preschool, on your Blackberry.
  1. All the photos seem to have the same theme, a reoccurring locations and the same model.
  1. The portraits are of the tree on your right and not the girl on the left.
  1. The studio photos are in front of a wrinkled bed sheet, with stains on it, and dusty floors.

 To summarize,  do not pay for photos that you could have your best friend take! When you’re looking for a photographer, be sure you pay for the quality of the job, do proper research and do not settle for less than you deserve! And remember, as I always say, photo shop does not a photographer make!!

Photography is a passion, not a shot-fire way to make money.




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